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Power experience

FORMINSAprecision metal stamping

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Accuracy and Quality

Creativity, service and participative engineering to meet the needs of our clients and ensure the quality of our manufacture systems


Automated technology of multi-slide machines (Bihler type) and presses

We produce metal stamping parts from 0.2 mm to 3 mm thick on several materials and finishings


Trust and Satisfaction

A close technological collaboration with our clients in the fields of Engineering and Quality allows us to achieve a maximum rationalization of their products


FORMIN S.A. ha desenvolupat el projecte “Estudi de recirculació de l’aigua en línia de neteja de peces estampades”

L’empresa FORMIN S.A. ha desenvolupat el projecte...[+]

Improving the energy efficiency of the FORMIN, S.A.

Improving the energy efficiency of the FORMIN, S.A. plant, in Castellbell i El Vilar, by replacing one compressor with a new...[+]

EDUCATION | Our HR Manager & General Manager trying to convince the few students of the middle and upper level training cycle of the Institute El Palau (@institutelpalau) of the spciality Stamping toolings & moulds to do the labor practices in FORMINSA. We need them, they are the future!


ENVIRONMENT | RESPIRA ENERGIA, S.A. certifies that the electricity consumption since January 1, 2019 in FORMINSA, it's generated in power plants that do not emit CO2 neither nuclear waste.