Corporative Social Responsibility

At FORMINSA we are aware of the impact our activities have on the social environment, and this is why we bet on corporative social responsibility.

The Global Compact

We follow the guidelines for Corporative Social Responsibility set down by GLOBAL COMPACT (World Pact) and the United Nations.

Also, we commit ourselves to work with collaborators and suppliers who are subscribed to GLOBAL COMPACT.

We developed collaborative relations as detailed below:

  • Collaboration with local entities of Castellbell i el Villar
    • C.E. Castellbell i el Vilar
    • Coral Castellbell i el Vilar
    • Colla Gegantera de Castellbell i el Vilar
    • Agrupació de Bastoners de Castellbell i el Vilar
  • Our commitment to the environment is ratified with the Certification ISO 14001:2004 in 2011
  • Commercial Relations with the following entities:
    • AMPANS organization for the intellectually disabled
    • CIRE Centre of Initiatives for Reinsertion